Arguments Against Death Penalty Essay

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Justice Arthur Chaskalson, President of the South African Constitutional Court, Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa in a 1995 decision he favored that ruled South Africa's death penalty unconstitutional.From this very point, we come to focus on the issue not domestically, but globally, and can draw serious conclusions about the nature of capital punishment with information from various countries and their subdivisions with very different circumstances surrounding the death penalty.

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Because of the complexity of causality in crime and the legal system, statistics are not convincing in and of themselves.

The problem with deterrence is that few offenders commit a crime anticipating that they will be apprehended, even with some degree of premeditation.

The killed inmate probably deserved to be executed anyways.

But what if the death penalty was a deterrent to violent crime? This point does not satisfy the argument that the death penalty is necessary.

While deterrence is great, the death penalty still is not.

Even if we were to throw aside all other moral questions regarding the death penalty and focus solely on this point for reasoning that the death penalty is a good idea, we still could not find it satisfying because punishments are not made only because they are intended to deter future crimes.

“Over the next 20 years the homicide rate in Canada fluctuated (between 2.2 and 2.8 per 100,000), but the general trend was clearly downwards.

It reached a 30-year low in 1995 (1.98) – the fourth consecutive year-to-year decrease and a full one-third lower than in the year before abolition.

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