Argumentative Essay On Dependence On Computers

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How many pieces of technology do you use in your day? You get up, turn the lights on in your room, and walk to your kitchen, and use your electric coffee maker to pour yourself a cup of coffee, while checking your phone to see if you got We are constantly being surrounded by technology, but are we too dependent on computers?

You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock going off. I would have to say that people in society today are too dependent on computers.

Computers have many good things to offer society, but sometimes it can keep people from experiencing or doing the things that really matter.

One of the things we depend on from a computer is basic research.

Overuse of machines has numerous negative impacts, for example, creating physical/behavioral sicknesses, harming family When you first think of the word “Computer” you most likely think of a laptop or desktop Computer, but there are many other different kinds of computers. "Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project." Teens and Technology 2013. Society cannot continue to remain ignorant of the negative consequences of computers or soon technology will ultimately obliterate us.

For example, the smart phone in your pocket is a computer; your tablet on your desk is a computer. Despite the many benefits of computers, there are also a , sooner than we expect, when humans will no longer be needed to maintain the earth.

We don't read printed books any longer, since we can listen and read on the web. People can use computers to search the internet to full potential or rather replacing it and hindering our progress? Technology is frequently shifting, and it is altering us in the process.

We invest more of a chance talking online than talking vis-à-vis. Madden, Mary, Amanda Lenhart, Maeve Duggan, Sandra Cortesi, and Urs Gasser. Society is slowly coping with the rapid changes which come with technology.

A recent survey shows that adolescents aged between 10-18 waste an average of six to seven hours with electronic devices like computers and smart phones which cause to negative outcomes as depression, social isolation, anxiety, insomnia, and obesity(“Technology gadgets stealing kids' sleep, shows survey”).

The good feeling brought on by the chemical like adrenaline, dopamine as in the gambling addiction and the joy by social networking sites, smart phones, online video games and also not-feeling alone and freedom in virtual world are the factors of technology dependence.


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