Arbitersports Assigning

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Yes, officials will still use my OHSAA to: - Maintain their contact information on their profiles - Renew their OHSAA Officiating Permit - Maintain their Concussion Certification - Submit the OHSAA Tournament Questionnaire - Check their state and local rules meeting attendance credits - Register for officiating classes - Access the school and officials directories For Technical Support call Arbiter Sports customer service at 800-311-4060.

Select 1 for support and follow the prompts to speak to an Arbiter Sports representative.

If you want matches, do not just let the assignments expire.

Video tutorial Arbiter is a third-party officials assigning software.

If the "Forgot Password" does not resolve the login error, call the customer support phone number at Arbiter Sports which is 800-311-4060.

Select 1 for Support and then whether you are a school staff member, administrator, or official.Assigners Training: OHSAA certified assigners needing training or additional assistance with their Arbiter One accounts should contact one of the designated assigners below to schedule a time for training.The questions below are to assist licensed OHSAA assigers with the transition from using my OHSAA scheduling and contracting tools to using Arbiter Sports software.If the address is wrong, we will mail the check to someone else.When you receive an email indicating that you have received an assignment, you must then login to the arbiter and accept the match.For more information and updates regarding training for each league OHSAA group #105755 is the "super" group for Arbiter Sports in Ohio.This group give the assigners the active officials to pick from and an official will receive their OHSAA Regional and State Tournament assignments from this group.Arbiter Sports Technical Support is available from 8 am – 9 pm Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 7 pm on Friday, and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday. Currently only some sport officials are paid using Arbiter Pay for regional and state tournaments only.Full implementation of Arbiter Pay for all levels of OHSAA tournaments will occur over the next 18 months. High schools will be expected to enter varsity contests and varsity officials contracts into Arbiter Sports.Assigners will attend training sessions to collaboratively along with the schools from each league for which they assign officials.These training sessions will be scheduled by the league commissioner and held between November 18 and December 22.


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