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In the latter case, asymmetry is no longer an exception, but the rule. The anti-democratic conception of law has its origin in some sophistic theories born in the last years of the Peloponnesian war, when the Athenian democratic institutions went into crisis. 5-10) and Pirithous (Tr GF 11, 597 N., 88 B 22 DK) by Critias, Plato’s Gorgias 483e - 484b and Protagoras 337c-d , Antipho. 4-5, are great evidence of the conception of laws as slavery and even a kind of “τυραννίς”.Keywords: ancient Greek speculation on language; ancient Indian linguistics; language as a means of knowledge; linguistic asymmetry; paretymologies; polysemy; synonymy; substitution 1 Introduction: the Alleged Symmetry between Words and Objects The present joint paper focuses on the topic of asymmetry between the semantic and the phono-morphological levels of language which emerges very early on in Indian technical and speculative reflections, as it also does in pre-socratic Greek thought. VALERIA MELIS (Università degli Studi di Torino) (eng) - The trial of Jason in the Argonautica (Ap. 1278-1407): reinterpretation of a myth in the context of the poetry of an Alexandrian.

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2 According to Kātyāyana, words as a rule apply per object: one and only one word-form matches with one and only one object. Finally, the analysis of the whole of Helen’s ῥῆσις (255-305) aims to point out its connections with the Gorgian Encominum of Helen and the way in which Euripides in Hel. Dans le récit du procès auquel Jason doit faire face pour conquérir la Toison d’Or, certains éléments étrangesdoivent être expliqués: le mufle des bœufs d’Eeta est fait de bronze (Ap. 230-231) et Jason utilise ses armes defaçon inappropriée: le casque est d’abord utilisé pour recevoir les dents du dragon que le héros doit semer (3.1281, 1321-1322) et par la suite pour contenir de l’eau (3.

3This contribution aims at showing that the several common points between lines 255-305 of Euripides’ Helen and Gorgias’ Encomium of Helen demonstrate the close link between the two. 286 as an expression of the antithesis between reality and appearance. 1348-1349), alors que la lance est utilisée pour faire avancer les bœufs.

The paper will show the last results of my research on the proposed issue and will be given at the 48th Conference of the Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies (29th-30th May 2019, Tel Aviv University, Gilman Building Two seminars on the topic "Philosophy and Politics in the fifth book of the ' Dialogue between the Melians and the Athenians' by Thucydides", to be held at the University of Sassari on 6th and 7th May 2019.

Abstract of the paper entitled "Di Aristotele, Aristofane e del pensiero critico sulla tragedia euripidea tra V e IV secolo a.

After trying to solve the problem of the correct form of the name of the hemerodromos decribed by Herodotus by making a comparison with extant sources 2 , my first aim is to clarify the lost identity of the Marathon runner who announced the Greek victory over the Persians. e incomprensioni: la risata raffinata nelle commedie di Aristofane" // Secondo una concezione prescientifica propria della Grecia arcaica, il rapporto nome-cosa, rispondendo a un principio di corrispondenza ‘uno a uno’, presuppone un legame ontologico: i nomi, se ben intesi, possono rivelare la vera natura delle cose; l’asimmetria (ad es. 256-7 egli gioca sulla polisemia, sulla sinonimia e sulla derivazione, rendendo esplicito il legame con le teorie democritee sulla convenzionalità dei nomi (fr. 547-50 la denotatio in absentia provoca una comica incomprensione tra parlante e interlocutore, incapace di contestualizzare il discorso; in Av. 683-4 l’effetto comico è determinato dalla polisemia e dalla para-omofonia (cfr. / Ciò consente di concludere che Aristofane si rivolge anche a un pubblico colto, in grado di comprendere i riferimenti ai dibattiti contemporanei sul linguaggio; specialmente i casi in cui il gioco verte sulla polisemia generata dallo spostamento d’accento rendono evidente che il commediografo ha in mente anche un pubblico di lettori, gli unici che possono godere appieno del gioco linguistico.

My second aim is to show that the episode of the hoplite who dies after running many miles to announce victory could be a memory of a real fact that was deformed by mythicizing processes. la polisemia o la sinonimia) è giustificata per mezzo di para-etimologie e, pertanto, apparente (fr. 1286-9 Aristofane fa leva sulla polisemia generata dalla diversa posizione dell’accento in una data catena fonica (cfr. / Valeria Melis Università degli Studi di Cagliari OFFICIAL PROGRAM OF THE 48th CONFERENCE OF THE ISRAEL SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF CLASSICAL STUDIES (MAY 29—30, 2019 - TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY, GILMAN BUILDING, ROOM 449) - Keynote speaker: Professor Robert Kaster, Princeton University.

Our shared research aims at shedding light on two different patterns of explaining such a linguistic phenomenon. In Euripides’ Orestes 485-489 Menelaus has a heated discussion with Tyndareos about the way to behave towards Orestes. In the narration of the trial that Jason has to face to conquer the Golden Fleece there are some strange elements that need to be explicated: the muzzle of the bulls of Eeta is made of bronze (Ap. 230-231) and Jason uses hisweapons inappropriately: the helmet is first used as container of the dragon’s teeth that the hero has to sow (3.1281, 1321-1322) and then to contain water (3.

The first approach sees asymmetry as an exception to the regular correspondence between language and reality, whereas the second approach considers language itself as a conceptualization that does not faithfully represent reality, and hence, asymmetry is no longer an exception, but the rule. Immagini, interpretazioni e reazioni nel mondo greco, latino e bizantino", Edizioni dell' Orso, Alessandria 2015). Tyndareos affirms that Greek law prohibits to have contacts with murderers and that the observance of law is typical of the identity of the Hellenic people. 1348-1349), while the spear is used to prick the bulls.


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