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CSE 460 - Animation Capstone Production Credits: 5 Winter Quarter Prerequisite: CSE 458 Website: Apply the knowledge gained from CSE 458 to produce an animated short film.

Students will go through an animation industry standard production pipeline that involves modeling, shading, lighting, animating, rendering, and post-production.

These exercises culminate in a final project in which students divide into teams and focus on developing aspects of the film to be produced in Winter Quarter.

This is an interdisciplinary course which is open to students from varying backgrounds such as Art, CSE, Drama, and Music.

It also helps you bridge the divide between the image you have in your mind and the actual execution of the work. Transitions can help you achieve this if you think about how the figure moves from one location or position to the other.

In storyboards, since they're static panels, you can use arrows to show camera movement into the next panel. How does the project cut from one scene to the next?This will help you look at your work with both a micro and macro lens.A storyboard is essentially a series of drawings that convey the shots you have in mind that address content, framing, camera angle, composition, etc. With animation, you have the ability to use the medium and the transitions within the medium to its fullest potential.The definitive version of this paper can be found at ACM's Digital Library The best way to plan animations is to create storyboards of your project.Groups of students will collaborate during both the design and execution phase of the project.This course allows for the experimentation and investigation of stories using production tools that support the technical and aesthetic pipeline for AR/VR film production.Examples include character animation, facial expressions, visual effects, pre-production, and post-production.Courses offered previously on these topics can be found under the following course numbers: 490dc, 490ve, 490tf, 490af, 490me, and 490j.CSE 464b - Animation Research Seminar (Optional) Credits: 1 Spring Quarter Prerequisite: CSE 458 Website: Introduces basic foundations of animation research in science and technology.Builds research skills by reading and evaluating papers along with designing and implementing related research projects.


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