Andrew Jackson Hero Or Villain Essay

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Crawford of Virginia, who had been seeking the Presidency since 1816.

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I grew up with an affinity for our seventh president. In 1814, my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Barzilla Taylor, fought Creek Red Sticks at the Battles of Emuckfaw and Enotachopco Creek, in what is now central Alabama, as a Tennessee volunteer under General Andrew Jackson.

It came naturally—partly from patriotic interest in U. One year later, three of Barzilla’s brothers were with Jackson at the more famous Battle of New Orleans.

Unlike our nation’s first six presidents, Jackson was not classically educated. Although Jackson was not really a professional politician or statesman, having a preference for agriculture and the military instead, he was territorial governor of Florida in 1821, and returned to the Senate a couple of years after that.

Nonetheless, he eventually became a lawyer, served briefly in both the U. His second stint in Washington brought him a little more respectability among the political class.

None of the candidates, however, won a majority in the Electoral College–Jackson earned ninety-nine votes, Adams eighty-four, Crawford forty-one, Clay thirty-seven–and the election was thrown into the House of Representatives as the Twelfth Amendment dictates.

In this scenario, each state delegation received one vote and the winner had to receive a majority of thirteen states. A frantic behind-the-scenes battle for the Presidency began.Jackson tried making similar deals with Crawford, and Clay's supporters even floated a similar deal with Jackson–even though Clay had made his deal with Adams.In January, Clay announced his support of Adams, denying that he had been promised anything in return.Jackson was a slaveholder on his Hermitage farm outside of Nashville, but, in his day, he was viewed as more of a westerner than a southerner.In comparison to the Atlantic-bordering Eastern Seaboard—North and South—the frontier West was considered wild and not quite civilized in the 1820s.president.” His experiences and attitudes were deeply rooted in our young nation’s soil, his military leadership during our “Second War of Independence” echoed that of General Washington, and he became an exemplar of democracy. His Scotch-Irish immigrant parents settled in the Carolina border area.Deprived of his father a few weeks before birth, when Andrew Sr.died in a farm accident, the red-haired boy had a hardscrabble upbringing.His mother and two brothers all died of illness during the Revolutionary War, leaving him an orphan at 14 years of age.Jackson's candidacy for President gained several key backers early on.Pennsylvania signed on and other key states in the North and South also signaled their support.


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