An Expository Essay

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Imagine you need to verbally explain a concept to your classmates, maybe a behavioural theory.

What are the key elements on which you would focus? You could explain who came up with the theory, the specific area of study to which it is related, its purpose, and the significant details to explain the theory.

This is the same process that you would use when you write an expository essay.

You may actually be doing this all the time; for example, when you are giving someone directions to a place or explaining how to cook something.

Later in this chapter, you will work on determining and adapting to your audience when writing, but with an expository essay, since you are defining or informing your audience on a certain topic, you need to evaluate how much your audience knows about that topic (aside from having general common knowledge).

You want to make sure you are giving thorough, comprehensive, and clear explanations on the topic.

For the rest of this chapter, the term paragraph will also imply section.

The introduction should state the topic of your paper: your thesis statement as well as brief signposts of what information the rest of the paper will include.

If your paragraphs are too long, they likely have too many ideas and your reader may become confused.

Your paragraphs should be two-third of a page at most, and never longer than a page.


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