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Turner traces the impact of Newman's influence during the vast expansion of higher education since World War II; George Marsden investigates how the decreasing emphasis on religion has affected higher education; Sara Castro Klaren examines the implication of Newman's views on education and literature for current debates between proponents of a curriculum based on western civilization and one based on multiculturalism; and George Landow considers what the advent of electronic communication will mean to university teaching, research and community.To aid accessibility, the edition also includes an analytical table of contents, a chronology and biographical sketch of Newman's life, questions for discussion, expanded notes, and a glossary of names, all of which should help make this the standard teaching text of Newman's work.In November 1992 the Church of England made its final decision about ordaining women.

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A rigorous examination of his own religious development, enlivened by touches of satire and sometimes invective, Apologia pro Vita Sua is a spiritual autobiography of great power.

Since its publication almost 150 years ago, "The Idea of a higher education" -- the issues that John Henry Newman raised - the place of religion and moral values in the university setting, the competing claims of liberal and professional education, the character of the academic community, the cultural role of literature, the relation of religion and science - have provoked discussion from Newman's time to our own.

"This long-awaited critical edition..indispensable."--James Gaffney, Loyola University "Ker's 'Introduction' is one of the most intelligent essays ever written about Newman's most difficult work..."--Church History This book provides the first critical edition of John Henry Newman's classic work, A Grammar of Assent.

The editor's introduction contains a synopsis of Newman's argument as well as an account of the development of his thought and a history of the composition of the final text.

"It remains," Ker continues, "the classic text for the theology of the development of doctrine, a branch of theology which has become especially important in the ecumenical era." John Henry Cardinal Newman begins the Essay by defining how true developments in doctrine occur.

He then delivers a sweeping consideration of the growth and development of doctrine in the Catholic Church, from the time of the Apostles to Newman’s own era. But even if the Essay was not one of the great theological classics, it would still be of enduring interest for two reasons.It is this profoundly Biblical and Patristic theology that lies at the heart of Newman's spirituality, which is to be found above all in that great classic of Christian spirituality, his Parochial and Plain Sermons, preached from the pulpit of the university church of St.Mary the Virgin, Oxford, and from which the most of the selections in this volume are taken.Ker discusses critical reaction to the Grammar and attempts to clarify and interpret Newman's thoughts in areas where his meaning has been misunderstood.A Textual Appendix lists every variant published in Newman's lifetime and the editor's Notes include detailed references to Newman's other writings.full use has been made of the manuscript drafts and all available philosophical notebooks and papers.John Henry Newman's conversion to Roman Catholicism rocked the Church of England to its foundation and escalated the spread of virulent anti-catholicism in Victorian England.Editors Thornton and Varenne have assembled a generous and thoughtful selection of his non-autobiographical writings, including his model sermons and his celebrated narrative poem, "The Dream of Gerontius." Peter Gomes's splendidly written introduction alone is almost worth the price of admission. -- Library Journal "I would feel presumptuous in recommending John Henry Newman. One can only acknowledge that Newman is one of the spiritual masters of world history, and express gratitutde for this intelligent selection from the feast of his genius." -- Fr. Without that so-called ressourcement or return to the Scriptures and the Fathers, which has characterized so much of the most invigorating Catholic theology of the 20th century, the reforms of Vatican II would hardly have been possible.Similarly, Newman's though owes its originality paradoxically to his returning to the past to recover and revitalize those forgotten truths of Christianity, which he found preeminently in early Greek Fathers.In the light of recent events, Anglican Difficulties may emerge as the prophetic book penned by Newman.The pro¬phecy is about a "most painful logic at work in ecumenism." An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, reprinted from the 1888 imprint, "is rightly regarded as one of the most seminal theological works ever to be written," states Ian Ker in his foreword.


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