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For some, the money was a godsend that helped them get through lean times.For others, the check from “AFV” became seed money for trust funds and college savings accounts."Season 24, Episode 20May 4, 2014Clips include animals scratching their itches; a man afraid of a large moth while trying to get it out of the house; a salute to "Dogs Licking Peanut Butter"; a little girl finding a worm in her salad; and a boy who learns he's getting a little sister instead of a brother. "Season 24, Episode 21May 11, 2014Clips competing for the second 0,000 prize of the season include a woman who falls while wearing a smiley-face costume; a boy's reaction to a piece of coconut chocolate; a groggy woman trying to sip from a straw after surgery; a woman who tries to get her granddaughters to fall asleep; and a Hawaiian beach wedding interrupted by a swimmer.

She also co-hosts the “Pretty Little Liars” after-show for Stream.

TV, and she’s done work for Fox Sports and digital assignments for “AFV.” “For so many ‘AFV’ is a wonderful, fun experience,” she says.

"Season 24, Episode 3October 27, 2013Clips include a ticklish man getting a pedicure; a music montage of cats; a round of "People Getting Pinched by Crabs vs.

Kids Stuck in Toilets"; and a Chihuahua dressed as a Chia Pet for Halloween. "Season 24, Episode 4November 3, 2013Clips include a man who steers a remote-control airplane on a collision course with his own head; a malfunctioning golf-ball dispenser; and a bulldog reacting to a cheeseburger while sleeping.

"; and a round of "Name That Sound."Season 24, Episode 2October 20, 2013Clips include kids saying funny things; a family's encounter with a llama at a drive-through zoo; a woman faking an accident in the kitchen to fool her mother; and a father granting his daughter permission to give him a makeover.

Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who's Makin' That Racket?

“I was definitely a small-town girl learning to dream big,” Lamontagne says.

“I landed in Hollywood and I thought, ‘This is where I’m meant to be.’ ” The “AFV” experience sent her on the path to study broadcast journalism and she wound up working as a production assistant on “AFV.” Today, she’s an on-air personality for Defy Media’s Clevver TV.

"Season 24, Episode 9December 8, 2013Clips include a hair-trimmer mishap; a woman who discovers her dog has opened a can of paint in the house; and an aggressive ostrich at a drive-through zoo.

Also: a round of "Name That Sound."Season 24, Episode 10December 15, 2013Christmas-theme clips include a boy who thinks Santa put him on the "good list" by mistake; and a boy crying because Santa ate his cookies.


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