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Her weak physique is clearly exposed after her falling on the ditch.

Beller (2008) argued that in the real world this happened between the 1930s and 1940s in the south.

Beller (2008) argued that the dreams were symbolic of the struggle to have racial harmony which was not realized.

At the start of the story, Phoenix is traveling along a path surrounded by some vegetation whose description resembles those of woodland.

On her way, she happens to be confronted by a dog resulting to her falling into a ditch.

According to Beller (2008), the journey that this woman takes resembles that one taken by pilgrims as it is full of challenges.

In the course of the journey, Phoenix dreams a number of times.This can be taken to be symbolic of the audacity and never giving up spirit that the blacks displayed when they were fighting to attain racial harmony.The perseverance displayed by Phoenix throughout the journey is symbolic of the way blacks persevered throughout the slavery period their determination of obtaining freedom at one moment. The journey generally symbolizes the struggle of the blacks to attain freedom.The conversation that ensues between Phoenix and the hunter shows how Phoenix is determined to complete her journey.Though the hunter tries his best to discourage her from proceeding to town she is very determined and does not give in despite all the discouragement that the hunter heaps on Phoenix.There are five elements to a story: characterization, theme, setting, plot, and point of view.Each of the elements are a part of every story, but some may play a more important role in the telling of each individual tale.The setting is the most prevalent element in Eudora Welty’s short story, “A Worn Path.” The setting is more than just the location of the story, but it also sets the social setting as well as the mood or atmosphere.She has a lot of inner strength to prevail through all her struggles.This was typical of the activists who were fighting for the freedom of the blacks.


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