A S Level Biology Coursework

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This means that people from all walks of life–from recent grads to people looking to start a second career– will need quality biology teachers to prepare them for the future.A perk of studying at Grand Canyon University is the ability to earn an online masters of biology education degree.Online masters in biology courses can be taken anytime, from anywhere.

The reason behind the need for postsecondary biology teachers is the growth in STEM-related fields.

Future scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians will need to take biology at the college level.

They must have strong written and verbal skills for both classwork and continued scientific inquiry.

Courses in the MS of biology education degree program cover topics such as: If you are hoping to advance your career by building on your biology background, teaching might be your next step.

Building on the solid biology background they already have, students in the GCU MS in biology education program continue their scientific studies and learn teaching techniques to help them thrive in the classroom.

Both research and practical application of biology topics and teaching skills are at the heart of this master's degree program.This degree is perfect for working professionals or people who are juggling the demands of work and family.Full-time faculty and trained adjunct instructors will support your own blossoming academic career.Graduates of this masters in biology education degree program will be prepared to teach undergraduate biology courses at two and four-year institutions.In addition, the preparation they receive through their MS in biology coursework allows grads to teach in online environments.As STEM fields continue to grow, so too will the needs for biology teachers.According to the BLS, biological science teachers are most highly concentrated in junior colleges. Either PC 200/PC 200L and PC 201/PC 201L - OR - PC 202/PC 202L and PC 203/PC203L (8 credits)3. Additionally CH 342 and CH 247 are strongly recommended for students applying to professional or graduate school; many of these programs require 4 semesters of chemistry with lab.2.A Masters of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Education degree from Grand Canyon University supports students with biology backgrounds as they pursue careers in education.Colleges are in needs of highly-qualified STEM instructors.


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