8d Problem Solving Template

In Lean the best tools for problem-solving tend to have the following attributes: * They facilitate team-work to solve problems and help create an open dialogue between those participating.* They help with building an archive/database of problems coupled with the corrective action (i.e. The 8d method builds on all of these and is an excellent yet simple tool to deploy.As we described above, the 8D Report is a problem-solving tool, that follows a series of pre-defined steps, that can be used as part of a continuous improvement methodology.Problems are rarely solved by individuals and usually require a cross-functional team.By having a structured methodology this team has a process to follow with a designated output. It can be deployed rapidly, indeed 8d has much in common with the Analyze, countermeasure, root-cause, fix approach that is similar to many lean tools.While it’s often called an 8d report, 8d is, in fact, a methodology.There is an 8d process where the report (the 8d report) is the output.I like 5 why as a process, but you could use a decision tree or other if required in this space.Section c) Corrective Action(s) & Implementation For the corrective actions, I’ve used a merged cell for free text entry.This reports been formatted to be able to be printed on one side of A4.To assist with this I’ve had to think about how the report is structured, place each “D” on top of each other produced a report that was too long if printed on one piece of paper so I’ve found by placing two “D’s” next to each other, you still have enough space to capture what’s required while producing a printer friendly report.


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