7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Research Paper

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We've been in deep conversation with many of the world's top brain scientists. in 1989, died tragically in a bike accident in 2012. Recently, I talked to him about his latest research on how to stay efficient at work.

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The first step to effectiveness is to take responsibility for yourself, to recognize that you can choose to do a great job, and no one and nothing can stop you.

Too many of us, however, blame others for our circumstances or take counsel of our own weaknesses and fail to step up to what we're really capable of. Most business leaders feel they have to be the source of solutions and the providers of answers.

It's better to focus intensely on what matters most than to attend to a thousand things that don't matter so much.

True productivity is defined by the outcome--it's the why. If we fulfill our mission in life, if we achieve important goals and contribute what we can in the important roles we play in life, we are truly productive.

Stephen Covey introduces the story of Viktor Frankl to emphasise the point that we have the freedom to choose our response to whatever happens to us.

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Frankl was a psychiatrist and is well known for his theory of Logotherapy and publishing "Man's Search for Meaning".

If you're paying attention you'll realize that one habit is missing from this formula.

The last habit (number 7) focuses on sustaining these habits and continuing development. In this first habit Stephen Covey tells us we are responsible for our reactions to people or events.

For example, he talks about how easy it is to get caught up in the busy-ness of life, working hard to climb the ladder of success, only to discover that all this time the ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall. It's this metaphor that Stephen Covey uses to describe Habit 2, Begin With The End In Mind.

It's a simple idea really and is about making an effort to start with a clear understanding of your destination and where you are going.


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